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Project Management (Online)
Gold Seal: 2 Credits * BC Housing: 8 CPD Credits
Event Description
Participants will develop skills and knowledge of how to manage a construction project. Participants will gain an understanding of the project processes and constraints encountered by project managers (using the current PMBoK approach) and how to successfully manage a complex project.
At the end of the course participants will be able to:
• Understand the importance of project planning
• Understand the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK)
• Use the appropriate industry standardized contracts and/or Purchase Orders
• Use risk management tools and mitigate for risk
• Understand the estimating process
• Understand the importance of scheduling and use appropriate scheduling tools
• Understand expectations management and adapt communication accordingly
• Understand the components of projects – labour, materials and overheads – and use of techniques to maximize job profitability and minimize costs
• Do post-mortem analysis after project completion
• Understand the impact and methodology of construction cost control
• Use of site and office project cost control methods
• Use Construction Industry Codes to analyse costs vs budget
• Adapt the project estimate to a project budget
• Understand how job costing fits within the overall accounting systems
• Understand Return on Investment (ROI) and how this impacts required project profit margins
• Understand the contract process from bidding to project close-out
• Understand the importance of cash flow projections for construction companies

What previous participants said:

“Another great course. Great instructor - well spoken, concise, interesting to listen to. Thanks!”

“Love the course. And will be getting more courses for sure!”

“Teacher is fantastic.”

“The material was well laid out. Easy to understand. Concise.”

The instructor, BGC Partners, has been approved by CCA for 2 CCA Gold Seal education credits and BC Housing for 8 Informal CPD credits upon successful completion.

The course includes 8 video modules with 8 hours of expert instruction and material.

Contact & Support

Please contact the ICBA Training Department at 604-298-7795 or for more information.

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